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Sponsorship Info

About The Show
The Data Engineering Podcast covers the challenges facing data professionals and the tools and techniques they can use to solve them. The audience consists of developers, data scientists, data engineers, and business leaders across all industries who want to stay informed about trends in data management. While there are other podcasts that discuss aspects of big data or business intelligence, this is the only show that addresses all of that plus the broader concept of data engineering and the topics unique to this evolving role. We are growing quickly, along with the demand for professional data engineers as more businesses wake up to the need for robust data management.

About The Host
Tobias Macey is a dedicated engineer with experience spanning many years and even more domains. He currently leads the Data & Infrastructure Platform team at MIT Open Learning where he designs and builds cloud infrastructure to power online access to education for the global MIT community. He also owns and operates Boundless Notions, LLC where he offers design, review, and implementation advice on data infrastructure and cloud automation. He brings his hard-won experience in building reliable and scalable systems to bear on the problems facing data engineers, resulting in conversations that deliver important insights to listeners without wasting their time. In addition to the Data Engineering Podcast, he hosts Podcast.__init__ where he uncovers the details behind the tools, topics, and people that matter to the Python community, and The Machine Learning Podcast, which helps you go from idea to production with machine learning. You can also check out his book 97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know.

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