Data Engineering Podcast

Guest Information

Guest Information

Being A Guest On The Show

Proposing A Topic

We want to hear about the cool things that you are working on! It doesn't matter if you are a multi-million dollar company or an engineer working neck-deep in data, your experiences are unique and interesting. Our audience listens every week to hear about how you are solving problems for yourself, your company, the world, and everything in between. Fill out this form to start the conversation:

Scheduling The Interview

I use SavvyCal for scheduling our interviews. Once we agree on a topic I will send you a link where you can select an available time for our conversation.

Preparing For The Interview

Before the interview, I will send you a link to the questions and topics that I intend to cover. This will give you the opportunity to add any questions that I miss or provide any comments on the questions and topics that I have. If there are any questions that you are not comfortable with answering or do not seem relevant to the subject of the conversation I will be happy to remove or modify them.

Conducting The Interview

In order to produce a high quality show I use the service Zencastr to handle recording the direct audio of all participants via a browser. I will send a URL to be used during the interview ahead of time. Once the conversation is done the WAV file of your direct audio will be uploaded automatically, so please just leave the browser tab open until that is complete.

Publishing The Interview

After the interview I will edit the recording and release the episode according to its position in the queue. Since the episode is being edited, don't worry about misspeaks or digressions during the call as it can all be fixed after the fact. Once the episode is released it will be available on my website, as well as all major podcast platforms. An announcement will also be automatically posted on my LinkedIn and through my mailing list. If you can promote the episode within your networks it would be appreciated.