Bring Geospatial Analytics Across Disparate Datasets Into Your Toolkit With The Unfolded Platform - Episode 302

The proliferation of sensors and GPS devices has dramatically increased the number of applications for geospatial technologies, and the need to analyze and understand related datasets. In order to reduce the friction involved in aggregating disparate data sets that share geographic similarities the Unfolded team built a platform that supports working across raster, vector, and tabular data in a single system. In this episode Isaac Brodsky explains how the Unfolded platform is architected, their experience joining the team at Foursquare, and how you can start using it for analyzing your spatial data today.

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Combining The Simplicity Of Spreadsheets With The Power Of Modern Data Infrastructure At Canvas - Episode 300

Data analysis is a valuable exercise that is often out of reach of non-technical users as a result of the complexity of data systems. In order to lower the barrier to entry Ryan Buick created the Canvas application with a spreadsheet oriented workflow that is understandable to a wide audience. In this episode Ryan explains how he and his team have designed their platform to bring everyone onto a level playing field and the benefits that it provides to the organization.

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Hire And Scale Your Data Team With Intention - Episode 298

Building a well rounded and effective data team is an iterative process, and the first hire can set the stage for future success or failure. Trupti Natu has been the first data hire multiple times and gone through the process of building teams across the different stages of growth. In this episode she shares her thoughts and insights on how to be intentional about establishing your own data team.

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