Easily Build Advanced Similarity Search With The Pinecone Vector Database - Episode 189

Machine learning models use vectors as the natural mechanism for representing their internal state. The problem is that in order for the models to integrate with external systems their internal state has to be translated into a lower dimension. To eliminate this impedance mismatch Edo Liberty founded Pinecone to build database that works natively with vectors. In this episode he explains how this technology will allow teams to accelerate the speed of innovation, how vectors make it possible to build more advanced search functionality, and how Pinecone is architected. This is an interesting conversation about how reconsidering the architecture of your systems can unlock impressive new capabilities.

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Unlocking The Power of Data Lineage In Your Platform with OpenLineage - Episode 187

Data lineage is the common thread that ties together all of your data pipelines, workflows, and systems. In order to get a holistic understanding of your data quality, where errors are occurring, or how a report was constructed you need to track the lineage of the data from beginning to end. The complicating factor is that every framework, platform, and product has its own concepts of how to store, represent, and expose that information. In order to eliminate the wasted effort of building custom integrations every time you want to combine lineage information across systems Julien Le Dem introduced the OpenLineage specification. In this episode he explains his motivations for starting the effort, the far-reaching benefits that it can provide to the industry, and how you can start integrating it into your data platform today. This is an excellent conversation about how competing companies can still find mutual benefit in co-operating on open standards.

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