Power Your Real-Time Analytics Without The Headache Using Fivetran's Change Data Capture Integrations - Episode 327

Data integration from source systems to their downstream destinations is the foundational step for any data product. With the increasing expecation for information to be instantly accessible, it drives the need for reliable change data capture. The team at Fivetran have recently introduced that functionality to power real-time data products. In this episode Mark Van de Wiel explains how they integrated CDC functionality into their existing product, discusses the nuances of different approaches to change data capture from various sources.

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Operational Analytics To Increase Efficiency For Multi-Location Businesses With OpsAnalitica - Episode 325

In order to improve efficiency in any business you must first know what is contributing to wasted effort or missed opportunities. When your business operates across multiple locations it becomes even more challenging and important to gain insights into how work is being done. In this episode Tommy Yionoulis shares his experiences working in the service and hospitality industries and how that led him to found OpsAnalitica, a platform for collecting and analyzing metrics on multi location businesses and their operational practices. He discusses the challenges of making data collection purposeful and efficient without distracting employees from their primary duties and how business owners can use the provided analytics to support their staff in their duties.

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