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Build A Common Understanding Of Your Data Reliability Rules With Soda Core and Soda Checks Language - Episode 328

Regardless of how data is being used, it is critical that the information is trusted. The practice of data reliability engineering has gained momentum recently to address that question. To help support the efforts of data teams the folks at Soda Data created the Soda Checks Language and the corresponding Soda Core utility that acts on this new DSL. In this episode Tom Baeyens explains their reasons for creating a new syntax for expressing and validating checks for data assets and processes, as well as how to incorporate it into your own projects.

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Building A Shared Understanding Of Data In A Business Through A Single Pane Of Glass With Workstream - Episode 326

There is a constant tension in business data between growing siloes, and breaking them down. Even when a tool is designed to integrate information as a guard against data isolation, it can easily become a silo of its own, where you have to make a point of using it to seek out information. In order to help distribute critical context about data assets and their status into the locations where work is being done Nicholas Freund co-founded Workstream. In this episode he discusses the challenge of maintaining shared visibility and understanding of data work across the various stakeholders and his efforts to make it a seamless experience.

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Build Confidence In Your Data Platform With Schema Compatibility Reports That Span Systems And Domains Using Schemata - Episode 324

Data engineering systems are complex and interconnected with myriad and often opaque chains of dependencies. As they scale, the problems of visibility and dependency management can increase at an exponential rate. In order to turn this into a tractable problem one approach is to define and enforce contracts between producers and consumers of data. Ananth Packildurai created Schemata as a way to make the creation of schema contracts a lightweight process, allowing the dependency chains to be constructed and evolved iteratively and integrating validation of changes into standard delivery systems. In this episode he shares the design of the project and how it fits into your development practices.

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