Data Privacy

Simplify Data Security For Sensitive Information With The Skyflow Data Privacy Vault - Episode 296

The best way to make sure that you don’t leak sensitive data is to never have it in the first place. The team at Skyflow decided that the second best way is to build a storage system dedicated to securely managing your sensitive information and making it easy to integrate with your applications and data systems. In this episode Sean Falconer explains the idea of a data privacy vault and how this new architectural element can drastically reduce the potential for making a mistake with how you manage regulated or personally identifiable information.

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Synthetic Data As A Service For Simplifying Privacy Engineering With Gretel - Episode 279

Any time that you are storing data about people there are a number of privacy and security considerations that come with it. Privacy engineering is a growing field in data management that focuses on how to protect attributes of personal data so that the containing datasets can be shared safely. In this episode Gretel co-founder and CTO John Myers explains how they are building tools for data engineers and analysts to incorporate privacy engineering techniques into their workflows and validate the safety of their data against re-identification attacks.

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