Data Mesh

The Importance Of Data Contracts As The Interface For Data Integration With Abhi Sivasailam - Episode 258

Data platforms are exemplified by a complex set of connections that are subject to a set of constantly evolving requirements. In order to make this a tractable problem it is necessary to define boundaries for communication between concerns, which brings with it the need to establish interface contracts for communicating across those boundaries. The recent move toward the data mesh as a formalized architecture that builds on this design provides the language that data teams need to make this a more organized effort. In this episode Abhi Sivasailam shares his experience designing and implementing a data mesh solution with his team at Flexport, and the importance of defining and enforcing data contracts that are implemented at those domain boundaries.

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Decoupling Data Operations From Data Infrastructure Using Nexla - Episode 215

The technological and social ecosystem of data engineering and data management has been reaching a stage of maturity recently. As part of this stage in our collective journey the focus has been shifting toward operation and automation of the infrastructure and workflows that power our analytical workloads. It is an encouraging sign for the industry, but it is still a complex and challenging undertaking. In order to make this world of DataOps more accessible and manageable the team at Nexla has built a platform that decouples the logical unit of data from the underlying mechanisms so that you can focus on the problems that really matter to your business. In this episode Saket Saurabh (CEO) and Avinash Shahdadpuri (CTO) share the story behind the Nexla platform, discuss the technical underpinnings, and describe how their concept of a Nexset simplifies the work of building data products for sharing within and between organizations.

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