Data Discovery

Building A Shared Understanding Of Data In A Business Through A Single Pane Of Glass With Workstream - Episode 326

There is a constant tension in business data between growing siloes, and breaking them down. Even when a tool is designed to integrate information as a guard against data isolation, it can easily become a silo of its own, where you have to make a point of using it to seek out information. In order to help distribute critical context about data assets and their status into the locations where work is being done Nicholas Freund co-founded Workstream. In this episode he discusses the challenge of maintaining shared visibility and understanding of data work across the various stakeholders and his efforts to make it a seamless experience.

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Data Discovery From Dashboards To Databases With Castor - Episode 210

Every organization needs to be able to use data to answer questions about their business. The trouble is that the data is usually spread across a wide and shifting array of systems, from databases to dashboards. The other challenge is that even if you do find the information you are seeking, there might not be enough context available to determine how to use it or what it means. Castor is building a data discovery platform aimed at solving this problem, allowing you to search for and document details about everything from a database column to a business intelligence dashboard. In this episode CTO Amaury Dumoulin shares his perspective on the complexity of letting everyone in the company find answers to their questions and how Castor is designed to help.

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Data Management Trends From An Investor Perspective - Episode 136

The landscape of data management and processing is rapidly changing and evolving. There are certain foundational elements that have remained steady, but as the industry matures new trends emerge and gain prominence. In this episode Astasia Myers of Redpoint Ventures shares her perspective as an investor on which categories she is paying particular attention to for the near to medium term. She discusses the work being done to address challenges in the areas of data quality, observability, discovery, and streaming. This is a useful conversation to gain a macro perspective on where businesses are looking to improve their capabilities to work with data.

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