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Building A Shared Understanding Of Data In A Business Through A Single Pane Of Glass With Workstream - Episode 326

There is a constant tension in business data between growing siloes, and breaking them down. Even when a tool is designed to integrate information as a guard against data isolation, it can easily become a silo of its own, where you have to make a point of using it to seek out information. In order to help distribute critical context about data assets and their status into the locations where work is being done Nicholas Freund co-founded Workstream. In this episode he discusses the challenge of maintaining shared visibility...

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Operational Analytics To Increase Efficiency For Multi-Location Businesses With OpsAnalitica - Episode 325

In order to improve efficiency in any business you must first know what is contributing to wasted effort or missed opportunities. When your business operates across multiple locations it becomes even more challenging and important to gain insights into how work is being done. In this episode Tommy Yionoulis shares his experiences working in the service and hospitality industries and how that led him to found OpsAnalitica, a platform for collecting and analyzing metrics on multi location businesses and their operational practices. He discusses the challenges of making data...

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Build Confidence In Your Data Platform With Schema Compatibility Reports That Span Systems And Domains Using Schemata - Episode 324

Data engineering systems are complex and interconnected with myriad and often opaque chains of dependencies. As they scale, the problems of visibility and dependency management can increase at an exponential rate. In order to turn this into a tractable problem one approach is to define and enforce contracts between producers and consumers of data. Ananth Packildurai created Schemata as a way to make the creation of schema contracts a lightweight process, allowing the dependency chains to be constructed and evolved iteratively and integrating validation of changes into standard delivery...

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Building Data Pipelines That Run From Source To Analysis And Activation With Hevo Data - Episode 323

Any business that wants to understand their operations and customers through data requires some form of pipeline. Building reliable data pipelines is a complex and costly undertaking with many layered requirements. In order to reduce the amount of time and effort required to build pipelines that power critical insights Manish Jethani co-founded Hevo Data. In this episode he shares his journey from building a consumer product to launching a data pipeline service and how his frustrations as a product owner have informed his work at Hevo Data.

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Introduce Climate Analytics Into Your Data Platform Without The Heavy Lifting Using Sust Global - Episode 322

The global climate impacts everyone, and the rate of change introduces many questions that businesses need to consider. Getting answers to those questions is challenging, because the climate is a multidimensional and constantly evolving system. Sust Global was created to provide curated data sets for organizations to be able to analyze climate information in the context of their business needs. In this episode Gopal Erinjippurath discusses the data engineering challenges of building and serving those data sets, and how they are distilling complex climate information into consumable facts so...

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A Reflection On Data Observability As It Reaches Broader Adoption - Episode 321

An Exploration Of What Data Automation Can Provide To Data Engineers And Ascend's Journey To Make It A Reality - Episode 320

The dream of every engineer is to automate all of their tasks. For data engineers, this is a monumental undertaking. Orchestration engines are one step in that direction, but they are not a complete solution. In this episode Sean Knapp shares his views on what constitutes proper automation and the work that he and his team at Ascend are doing to help make it a reality.

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Alumni Of AirBnB's Early Years Reflect On What They Learned About Building Data Driven Organizations - Episode 319

AirBnB pioneered a number of the organizational practices that have become the goal of modern data teams. Out of that culture a number of successful businesses were created to provide the tools and methods to a broader audience. In this episode several almuni of AirBnB's formative years who have gone on to found their own companies join the show to reflect on their shared successes, missed opportunities, and lessons learned.

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Understanding The Role Of The Chief Data Officer - Episode 318

The position of Chief Data Officer (CDO) is relatively new in the business world and has not been universally adopted. As a result, not everyone understands what the responsibilities of the role are, when you need one, and how to hire for it. In this episode Tracy Daniels, CDO of Truist, shares her journey into the position, her responsibilities, and her relationship to the data professionals in her organization.

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An Exploration Of The Expectations, Ecosystem, and Realities Of Real-Time Data Applications - Episode 317

Data has permeated every aspect of our lives and the products that we interact with. As a result, end users and customers have come to expect interactions and updates with services and analytics to be fast and up to date. In this episode Shruti Bhat gives her view on the state of the ecosystem for real-time data and the work that she and her team at Rockset is doing to make it easier for engineers to build those experiences.

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